Alternative America

The alter ego of the United States of America. Where there are no laws, no truth, no justice. A secretive POLICE STATE that manipulates and opresses people's lives.

The United States government is the most corrupt government on the planet. They lie, steal and manipulate people and companies and they try and conceal their actions through "Black Op" or covert tactics so they don't have to be held accountable for their actions. They do this in order to intimidate people and companies to do what THEY want when don't have a basis or it's to expensive to take legal action.

In the "covert" world, American Citizens do not have any rights, at least that's how the government seems to see things. They do what they want. They will break the law and then deny it happened and try and manipulate you into doing what they want.

I have been drugged, threatened, attacked, my car hit. A car destroyed. My house, car, phone, computer all bugged. I've had my house broken into, I've had things stolen, broken and hacked to where they can control them remotely. I've had my friends, family and even my dog manipulated. The commit fraud over and over with fake insurance claims, over charging for items, and pretending to be employees of real companies in order to manipulate you and gain access to personal information.

The US Government is also the WORLDS LARGEST CYBER TERRORIST group. This includes ALL levels of government: Federal, State, County and City.

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